Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Wisteria Booties

Hello! How's your 2012 looking so far?  Mine? I'm literally still catching up from 2011!! :)

Task:  to make 10 baby cards
Accomplished:  one! :)

(well, one down, 9 to go!)

Here's a card for a little newbie (well, not such a newbie as I've taken so long to make it!)...different to the usual pink for sweet little misses...Wisteria Wonder.

Also used the new Doily Punch, the Stocking Punch and matching stamp set and Ruffled Wisteria Wonder ribbon.

What do you think?

(I think I'll stick with this layout and make a few more while I have the supplies out!)

Anna :)


  1. comments working?

  2. I loved this card when I recieved it in my party pack! Thank you so much! And now I am definately buying the Stitched Stockings Set and the Stocking Tag Punch, it was just far too cute not to buy the products!
    Thanks Anna!
    <3 Kirra

  3. You are most welcome Kirra! It was lovely to meet your little princess in person today :) Such a content little bub!! :)


Thanks for your lovely comment - so great to hear from you! :)