Monday, 25 June 2012

Framed Art

Don't fall over backwards, but yes, I am here!  After a crazy ol' month I have a few things to show you :)

Below are 4 Framed Art samples for my class girls to have a picky from.
Though, not sure if you've ever tried, but finding shadow box frames for under $30 each is a challenge!!

If anyone finds a good supplier of reasonably priced frames..let me know! :)

'Dream' frame using papers from the DS Papers 'Big Top Birthday'.

(Thanks Tina for the terrific idea! :) )

'Bloom' frame....lots of pieces...lots of glue dots...lots of heart punches for the cute flowers! :)

Fun Flowers Die with In Colour brads and rhinestones.

'ABC'  frame with a personal touch.

Which is your fav?

Anna :)


  1. They all look fantastic :-) Any shadow box frames I own I just picked up from The Reject Shop or Flash Harry's. I just keep an eye out when I'm shopping because they never stay there for long!
    <3 Tamara

  2. Thanks Tamara :) And that'd be great...maybe I need to get out more! :)


Thanks for your lovely comment - so great to hear from you! :)