Friday, 3 August 2012

More Festivities

After the last card I posted yesterday, I made a couple more of a similar layout and same colour scheme.

Here's the Medallion stamp (which is RETIRING, by the way!)

Ooopsy!  Can you see what I did wrong on this card?!
I have only just noticed!! :) Duh!

Here's white on cardstock - Lovely as a Tree is a versatile set.

And here's all three....

What's your fav?

Til next time,
Anna :)


  1. oopsy, hahaha something i would and not, I love the idea of using scraps us these designs...very much, I am such a hoarder of all bits...cheers tam

    1. Thanks Tam :) teaches me to not be in such a hurry!! :)


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