Sunday, 30 September 2012

Girls Day Out - More displays of beautiful things!

Mel Board Photography supported our Silent Auction at the Girls Day Out last weekend.
Mel treated us to her display to gaze at all day...such beautiful works of art.
Check out Mel's website:
Here is another display table we assortment of current products and samples.
Check out this LAMP!!
I asked a friend of mine to create a lamp (her specialty craft) using the Stampin' Up! fabrics.
Does this show off our fabrics, or what?! :)
If you too would like a custom made lamp, let me know and I'll pass your details to Liz the Creator of this gorgeous Lampshade.
Anna :)


  1. Why thank you Anna, I didn't expect to see my handiwork on display,what a nice surprise!!

    1. No worries! I couldn't NOT show it off!! :)


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