Thursday, 27 September 2012

Girls Day Out pics! Centrepieces & Favours

This is now the 3rd year in a row when I with a few of my local team of demonstrators, have put on a big 'all day' craft event.
We call it the 'Girls Day Out'
It is such a fun day.
We chose to use the fabuloso new In Colours for our colour scheme this year.
And got to play with a lot of NEW toys!!
Pick what's a new product here!
hint: it's not the mini milk bottle :)
Another centrepiece
Individual table favours
(before pic - they were loaded with chocolates & lollies for the day)
more of the favours
Bit of a closer close-up :)
I have heaps of pictures to share of the day  - displays, projects we made, and the fantastic projects the women brought for our new table 'Creative Showcase'.
Come back tomorrow for the next installment :)
Anna :)


  1. Beautiful Anna! I particularly love those table favours :) Great idea!

    1. Thanks Angela! :) They turned out pretty much as imagined - which is always a satisfying thing. The girls won't want to come to any more team meetings though, as the last one we were cutting and 'popping out' about 70 doilies and about 55 of these favours!! :)


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