Thursday, 23 June 2016

Product Review - Die Brush

by Anna :)

Can't remember ever doing a product review before, but I thought I'd do one on the Die Brush  (maybe first of many???)

I'd been putting off purchasing the Die Brush as I thought I could just continue with the 'poke all the holes out with a small sharp object' method.

It's time-consuming & fiddly - especially with the more intricate thinlits.

So, I tried the Die Brush out first with the 'Rose Garden Thinlits'.

Ran it through the Big Shot on a Magnetic plate (though you could use the Precision Plate or even the Standard Platform

My Big Shot was already set up with the Magnetic Plate... & it wasn't going to change it!

All cut out.
Sometimes a few pieces will fall out when you take the thinlit out of the Big Shot

Place the Die/Thinlit paper side down on the Foam Pad.

Run the Die Brush back & forth over the entire Thinlit & exposed cardstock.!!

All fell out when I lifted off the Thinlit!

Goodbye 'poke it with a small sharp object' method!

Hello Die Brush!!!! :D

And the card made with the 'experimental' pieces :)

I'm convinced!!  You?! :)

Thanks for stopping in!

Anna :)

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  1. That is awesome as!!! I never knew these existed! I may need one of those once i get back into card making!

    1. Sure is Kirra! :D this little beauty was released in the last Occasions Catalogue, so has been out just a few months. I'm so glad I've bought it! :D Take care - Feet up!

  2. My girls asked if there was an easier way to get the thinlits out at my last class, so I pulled it out of the box (have never used it) and they instantly loved it! :)

    1. An easier way to do things is always a winner! :D


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