Friday, 22 June 2018

Imagine this....

Imagine this...

You wander into your *favourite* store.

It's stacked with new products & you excitedly grab a basket and have fun looking through the entire shop & filling up your basket.

When you think you've got enough (for that trip, anyway ;) ),  you head to the counter.

The checkout assistant is just as excited as you about all the amazing things in their store.

You know it'll cost a bit for all the goodies in your basket, exactly $169 actually (you're a maths whizz! :) )

Then the assistant offers you something you cannot refuse - she said if you sign up as a VIP,  you could go back through the store and choose *another* $66 worth of goodies for no extra cost.

AND after signing up as a VIP, every time you shop at your favourite store, you'll get 20-25% off your purchases - every.single.time.

AND (wait there's more), when your family, friends & anyone else who you refer to the store turns up and buys something, you'll get 20-25% cash back in your wallet...just for them buying stuff they love too!

Does such a store exist?? 

Sure does!

It's called Stampin' Up!  and that's the joining offer. 
*No catches.
*One-off start up fee of $169 (and choose $235 of goodies for that cost)
*Ongoing discounts & ongoing income from sales.

A Stampin' Up! VIP sounding great right now?!

Click HERE to join or if you have some questions you'd like sorted first, please just throw me a message.

I'd love for you to get the VIP treatment too!!  :D

Anna :)

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