Friday, 21 June 2019

Looking Up Card Kit - Product Review

This week I received in my order 

From the website it looked a really fun versatile kit.

I thought I'd share a few thoughts about it for you.

For starters, at $47, it's reasonably priced.

I say that as you end up with 15 cards, 15 envelopes & get to keep a stamp set, a block, an ink spot and are provided with adhesives.

I would estimate the cost of the 'extras' as about $15, so each card (with envelope) would really cost you just over $2 to create.

Time wise - I made these in about an hour.
I was 'on a mission', but you could easily create these in under 2 hours for any level of crafter.

Tip - do all your stamping first.
Then work on each set of 3 cards at a time.
They come together really quickly doing that.


Yes - I say this as this kit isn't just full of floral cards - which is refreshing.

I love having cards on hand for that last-minute card or almost-forgotten-to-post-birthday-card.
This selection of 5 different designs caters for both male & female cards.
And the Balloons & Planes could also be easily used for kids birthday cards as well.

Crafting experience - 
This kit is great for any level of crafting experience.
The hardest thing is the stamping...and we all know that's all a bit of fun & anyone can do it.

The only 'tricky' thing I found about this kit was that some of the gorgeous shiny copper stickers had very intricate bits, which, if you were rushing to pull them off, may either stick to itself or stretch.
Don't ask me how I know ..... ;)  (ha ha!) 

So, tip with the stickers - just take your blessed time with them.  It's worth it.

Gift idea?
As this kit has EVERYTHING you need to complete the cards, your recipient won't have to be scratching around for even scissors or tape! 
Ideal gift idea.

So, all in all, I'd give this kit a 9 1/2 out of 10  (the 1/2 is probably only due to my lack of patience with the stickers)

Find your kit HERE in my online store then
let me know what you think!!

Anna :) 

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